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To Report an Absence

The Attendance Line 

is Available 24/7

Please call in to report your child's absence as soon as possible.

(916) 566-1970 

Option #2 

Attendance Clerk

Kinder - 6th Grade

Mrs. Payne

(916) 566-1970

Ext. 24562


7th - 8th Grade

Mr. Ramon

(916) 566-1970

Ext. 24561


Attendance Policy

Student success is dependent upon many factors.  One of the most important is regular attendance. The drop out rate for students in later years is much greater among students who were frequently absent during their elementary school years.  Student achievement is higher for those students with consistent attendance. We want our students to be successful and to complete high school and/or college. In order to do this, the following attendance policy will be enforced.


Absences and Tardies...

Absences of students who are ill or suffering from injuries that prevent them from attending school are considered "excused absences".  Also included in the excused category are absences for bereavement and court attendance. Parents should notify the school by note and/or call the attendance line (566-1970 option #2) when their children have been out of school for any reason.  Not only are absences detrimental to the student’s achievement and progress but it also forfeits state school funding for the day. Being over 30 minutes late to school without a legitimate excuse such as a doctor's appointment is also being truant.  If your children do not ride a bus to school, encourage them to arrive five minutes prior to class.


Parent Responsibility...

Student attendance is a parent responsibility.  Parents are asked to reinforce good attendance practices so their children may have the best educational opportunities.

Request For Homework

For a student illness of 2 days or more, parents may request homework.  Please call and leave a message for your child’s teacher by 10:00 am at least one day before the day you wish to pick up the assignment.  The teacher will have the work ready for you to pickup in the office after school the next school day.

Independent Studies

If a child must be out of school for five or more days, the parent should contact the school at least a week prior so that arrangements for an independent study can be made while the student is absent.  This requires the parent to meet with the child’s teacher in advance to design an independent learning plan for the student while he/she is out of school. The work assignments MUST be completed upon return to clear the absences accumulated during the time out: if not, the absences will be unexcused.